The summer drought of 2012 looks to have taken its toll on many Nashville lawns!  Do you miss your luxurious plush carpet of lush green grass?  Do you wonder if it will ever come back?  With just a little maintenance this fall, you can be confident your lawn will return next spring!

Core Aeration is basic to having an evergreen healthy lawn, and your lawn may be crying out for it!  Even though the roots are under the ground – they still need to breathe!  Over time, the soil becomes compacted and causes the grass roots to have a real tough time getting the air, water and nutrients they need to survive.

With Core Aeration, the soil is loosened which creates air channels in your lawn.  The air is then able to pass freely into the soil and circulate around the grass roots.  Core Aeration enhances the ability for your grass to absorb water and other nutrients it needs to develop a proper root system that will assist it through the winter months.  Core Aeration is one of the most natural and beneficial things you can do for your lawn.

If you want to give your turf the boost it needs, Gold Star Landscaping recommends you aerate your Brentwood lawn at least once a year following it up with overseeding and a starter fertilizer.  Keep in mind, in order to maximize the beneficial effects, schedule this process early in the season so the seed has plenty of time to germinate.  The cool nights and shorter days provide the ideal conditions for seed germination.  Seed is better able to retain moisture in these conditions and seedlings will thrive without the extreme heat that occurs in the summer months.  With these few simple steps, a beautiful and healthy lawn can be yours once again!

Tip of the week: Coffee grounds can be applied directly to the base of shrubs and trees, or worked into the top layers of flower and garden beds. Reapply coffee grounds every month or two to your lawn or any plant that needs a pick-me-up.