We take care of all of your irrigation needs.

All living things need water to survive, including your grass and all of the various plants that make up your landscaping. While they may get some water from rainfall and sporadic showers from the hose, there’s a good chance they aren’t getting enough, and therefore, aren’t growing to their full potential.

For maximum health and growth, plants need water on a regular basis at specific intervals throughout the day – and that calls for a professionally installed irrigation system.

At Gold Star Landscaping, we know that quality irrigation starts with proper planning and excellent design. We never approach our irrigation work with a one size fits all philosophy, as we know that every lawn has different characteristics and different needs.

Before ever digging a single hole in your lawn, we do extensive measurement of any slopes as well as a careful analysis of the soil type, the plant materials, turf species, sunlight exposure, and evaporation rates that are unique to your lawn. This helps us tackle each irrigation project on a case by case basis, ensuring our customers that we will get the job done the right first time, eliminating the need for any costly repairs due to botched or inappropriate installations.

We’re proud members of the Irrigation Association, and we have the advantage of having a licensed plumber on staff as well as being Rainbird Select Contractors. Additionally, all of our irrigation systems come with a complete three-year warranty on all parts and labor, giving you peace of mind and total confidence in your purchase.