Although the temperature is just beginning to drop, before we know it, winter will be before us. There are quite a few things you can do to your lawn to prepare it for the first frost. While many associate fall with just changing leaves, don’t let your Nashville landscaping stop there!


Mulching can be a great first step in preparing for winter’s frost. If you are unfamiliar with mulching, check out our previous blog post about it here to compare your options. There are many benefits to mulching your lawn, especially before winter. Mulching in the fall can help protect your plant’s roots as well as help them retain moisture during the cold, dry winter.

Clean Up

Fall is also prime time to clean up your landscaping and remove the dead and dying landscaping before it gets too cold. Not only will you not have to look at it all winter, you’ll also be able to make some room in advance for your spring planting. Removing dead and dying plants can also stop the growth and spread of fungi that could infect your plants’ new growth in the spring.


Planting shrubs and trees before the first frost can also be a great option for fall. Not only will you get to enjoy the changing leaves for a brief time, you will also put less stress on your young trees because of the cooler weather and rain conditions fall offers.


While it may seem obvious, it’s also important to make sure you rake your leaves before winter. This will give your lawn the access to sun it needs during winter. In addition, it will prevent the growth of mold that occurs when leaves are left over grass for long periods of time.

Take advantage of your last chance to put the finishing touches on your landscaping before it’s covered in frost. Just a few preparations for winter can guarantee that your lawn will come back fresher than ever in the spring. Your Nashville lawn will look better than ever this spring with these changes!