Have you planted shrubs this fall? If not, it’s not too late! Although the air has become slightly chilly, the ground is still warm and ideal for planting shrubs. Shrubs not only add aesthetic value to your home, they can also be a great filler for privacy or an unused space. Read on to discover why you should plant shrubs this fall at your Nashville home. 

While most people associate spring with planting, fall is actually a prime time to plant shrubs. Planting while the ground is still warm can give your shrubs a head start this upcoming spring. However, depending on your region, some shrubs have better luck than others this season. You can ask a Gold Star Landscaping expert, what they suggest for your situation. Generally, firs, willows, and magnolias are better suited for the spring.

If you decide to plant shrubs this fall, there are several ways you can guarantee their growth. To start, make sure the plant’s roots are loosened before they are planted. This will give them a better chance of root growth before the first freeze. In addition, insulating your new plant with mulch such as wood or bark can help maintain the soil temperature going into winter.

When planting shrubs in the fall, there are several aspects different than spring planting. For example, you do not have to bother fertilizing the shrubs, because that will promote growth rather than the establishment of roots for winter. Also, the shrub does not need to be pruned. Pruning is another way to promote growth that can take away from root growth. If you decide to plant shrubs this fall, make sure to water them daily until the first freeze. One of the biggest mistakes planting shrubs in the fall is not watering them enough.

If you are wondering what to plant this fall before the ground freezes, put shrubs at the top of your list! The initial effort is worth the head start you will get for spring! Let the experts at Gold Star Landscaping assist you with your shrub planting this Fall in Middle TN!