It is always a good time to mulch!  Mulch serves more purposes than just enhancing the visual appeal of your Nashville home.  The mulch decomposes and adds organic matter to the soil which enriches the fertility and health of the soil.  Mulch improves water-retention by trapping the water where it is needed near surface roots.  In addition, it helps prevent erosion and robbing of valuable nutrients by keeping the soil from washing away.  Mulch also suffocates weeds by depriving them of the air and light they need to germinate.  Mulch will also deprive air-borne seeds from sprouting as it forms a barrier between the soil and the seeds.  It could potentially save you many laborious hours of weeding.

Mulching also serves as an easy way to control diseases and pests.  During the decomposition of the mulch, certain fungi that catch nematodes are encouraged by soil conditions under the mulch – therefore, helping to control plant diseases.  The mulch also provides a permanent home for pests and parasites, and when you remove the old mulch to apply the new mulch in the spring – the slugs are picked up and taken away, too!

Consider these facts to help you choose the mulch you would like to use:


This mulch is freshly ground pine bark with a rich color, uniform texture and a pleasant pine aroma.  It provides a neutral backdrop for your plants and flowers and will not compete with them.  This mulch breaks down into a beneficial material in the soil after it wears down, and is superior for moisture retention for all types of landscape at your Brentwood home.   It contains an acidic pH level that conditions the soil, allowing water to freely pass through the mulch layer. Shredded Pine Mulch is not recommended for steep slopes and it is wise to avoid it in areas where drainage is an issue.


Pine Straw is a very natural way to protect your bedding, plants, and shrubs.  It is inexpensive, lightweight and will not float or wash away.  It breathes easy and does not compact – allowing for better infiltration of organic material and nutrients into the soil.  It is the ideal solution for any landscape with its professional appearance of uniformed color and texture.  It is acceptable for general application, but is particularly good for plants that thrive in acidic soils such as camellias, azaleas, hydrangeas, fuchsias, magnolias and most evergreens.   It is completely organic and works very well as decorative ground covering for large landscaped areas.


are slightly more expensive than pine straw and are generally perceived as having higher aesthetic value than other mulches.  Hardwood mulches can be acquired in several colors ranging from natural (blond) to red, brown, or black. Hardwood mulches last longer than other mulches, straw although the color-enhanced mulches will lose their dyed color as they age.  They provide the same functional values as other mulches and are good for sloped areas to help prevent wash out.   Whether you are in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, CoolSprings, or anywhere in Middle Tennessee,  call Gold Star Landscaping today for all of your mulching needs – we have been the top Landscaping company for over 25 years.