We live in an age where bills are increasing, water sources are diminishing, and watering restrictions continue to rise as droughts become more severe each year. It is becoming very difficult for the average home or business owner to maintain a beautiful yard while still being mindful of the environmental impact of watering as well as adhering to government restriction on water.

However, installing an irrigation system will not only keep your yard looking beautiful, it will more effectively water your lawn with less water, both helping the environment and saving you money in the long run. Here’s how:

Individualized Lawn Measurements: Before ever digging a single hole in your lawn, Gold Star Landscaping does extensive measurement of any slopes as well as a careful analysis of the soil type, the plant materials, turf species, sunlight exposure, and evaporation rates that are unique to your lawn. Knowing these differences can help give different plants with different water needs the right amount of water as well as prevent unnecessary runoff. Each irrigation system is buried at the correct depth for the temperature zone, and wired with waterproof electrical connections. In addition, a rain or soil moisture sensor is included and wired to your controller.

Rainbird Select Contractor: Gold Star Landscaping is proud to be named a Rainbird Select Contractor. Doing so, means we follow a very strict code of ethics, meets licensing and insurance standards. All of our irrigation systems have a three-year warranty on both parts and labor.

Adjusted Runtimes: Irrigation systems can be set up to run at specific intervals throughout the day. Rather than watering plants and grass all at the same time, with regulated watering at specific times based on the season, not only will plants require less water they will be healthier, too. If your lawn is getting a lot of rainfall you can adjust your settings to water less frequently. Also if there are certain government regulations on the amount you can water, having the flexibility to monitor this in the most efficient way possible can be easier than ever with a well-installed irrigation system.