Do you have an irrigation system, but you’re unsure of how to use it this fall? While it’s obvious to water your plants during the hot, rainless summer months, there are some different rules once the temperature begins to drop. There are many misconceptions about watering your plants and Brentwood landscaping during the Fall.

In the early fall, before all of the leaves have fallen, it is vital to water your plants sparingly. During the transition from summer to autumn, it’s important to slowly wean your plants off of heavy watering. Fall and winter are not a time to water heavily to promote new growth. However, not watering them at all can cause root damage that can have serious effects on your plants as a result of the long, dry fall months.

In late autumn, once all of the tree’s leaves have fallen, it’s important to give your landscape a heavy watering. Make sure to heavily water your lawn once all the leaves have fallen, but prior to the first frost so the water can reach the plant’s roots and encourage heavy growth before the cold winter months.

Evergreen trees are especially important to give attention to in the fall. Since they keep their foliage, they do not have the same dormancy as other plants and require more watering leading up to the fall. The typical “January thaw,” is a great time to water your evergreens as well due to the increased temperature.

Make sure you do not forget about your plants this fall and winter. Although they do not require as much as attention, they still need watering in order to guarantee successful growth into the New Year. Your Nashville irrigation system doesn’t have to go unused this fall. Use these instructions to see happy plants this Spring!